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Project Control, Planning & Reporting

Chartenia is a project Control Consultant that is specialized in providing special project management services such as planning, risk management and progress analysis including issuing of progress reports and dashboard.

We provide our services to small and large project. Our main goal is to provide high quality services to our client in affordable prices.

Planning & Scheduling.

We Create and develop schedules and primavera programmes to any kinds of construction project. We will work in all schedule's aspects including the project Work Breakdown Structure WBS, Schedule cost/resource loading and schedule major milestones.

We create all kinds of schedules including Mater Schedules, Design Schedules construction Schedules. as we Provide a monthly/weekly update to the schedules as well 

Progress Analysis & Dashboards.

We offer unique and exceptional dashboards to your project. We use Different tools such as Excel, Power-Bi & PowerPoint to create remarkable reports and dashboards to your project. Additionally, Our services will include the the progress analysis and obtaining the major KPI to your project

Risk Management & Risk Analysis. 

Contact us and let us e our risk manager. We will work with you to create your risk management plan. we will generate your risk register conducting the qualitative and quantitative risk analysis to your project. Additionally, we will be there in a full support while updating your risk register and your risk analysis

We Work to create unique and exceptional kinds of construction reports and dashboards. Our main goal is to take your project control works to the level in which your effort be presented in the best look and feel.

We develop your dashboards to suit with construction projects data analysis. We Know the challenges that you meet each time you need to prepare your reports, and we know how to meet them with our best products.

Dashboards & Templates

Your Monthly & Weekly Reports Are Ready
In Just Few Minutes

See our new collection of The Periodical reports such as Monthly and weekly reports. We know that most of project managers and project control professionals used to meet many challenges while preparing these reports considering the deadline of submission and the information which must be included in such official communications.


Our reports are PMP-oriented and covers the disciplines as the same as the Project Management Institute detailed in their repeated editions of the PMP Book. our report templates will cover the same knowledge attached with all charts and tables that will make preparing and submitting the report much easier as they will take only few minuets to update.

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