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Comprehensive Report - (18-) pages Excel

Comprehensive Report - (18-) pages Excel


This Report is a special one. It shows the progress information of a project’s time and performance. You will never pass any construction project without meet several occasions when you have urgent request to show the project time and performance in contrast.

This is 18-pages report will provide you with the basic information you need to present outstanding report. It includes the following sections.

1.  Project Definition

2.  Progress Narrative (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)

3.  Major Decisions & Actions

4.  Project Major Milestones

5.  Project Calendar

6. Time Schedule Update

7. Performance Percentages

8. Performance Trends

9. Packages Progress Update

10.10. Progress / Delays Explanation For The Ongoing Work Packages

11. Progress Photos

The report manual is included with this package which explain how to update the report step by step. However, all the reports charts and table will be updated automatically when you will feed the data sheets with your project information.

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