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Comprehensive Weekly Report - (20+) Pages Excel

Comprehensive Weekly Report - (20+) Pages Excel


This weekly report is designed to make every challenge go easy for you. It includes the basic 4 sections that are constant to any report at any construction project which are Time performance, resources, cost update and quality update in addition to a separate section for major decision and progress photo. The details of these section are found in below lists.

1. Time & Performance

1.1. Project Calendar

1.2. Time Schedule Update

1.3.Time Schedule Update

1.4. Project's Performance Update

2. Manpower Resources

2.1. Manpower Performance Update

3. Commercial Update

3.1. Project's Budget Summary

3.2. Payments Schedule Update

3.3. Project Cash‐flow & Payment Status

4. Quality Performance

4.1. Quality Indicators

4.2. Quality Trends

4.3. Quality Observations & Non‐Conformance Reports SOR & NCR

5. Major Decisions & Actions

The report manual is included with this package which explain how to update the report step by step. However, all the reports charts and table will be updated automatically when you will feed the data sheets with your project information.

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