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Delay Analysis Report -(6) pages Excel

Delay Analysis Report -(6) pages Excel


This one of the most important reports in projects management field. Delay analysis reports used to be challenging for most of project control professional. This report comes to make it easy for anyone.

Of course, delay analysis reports must be build based on each project’s unique nature; however, this 6-pages report will provide the basic information in which you will use to build your full delay analysis report. This report is based on the delay analysis Window Technique. The tables and the charts are ready to reflect your project data and remaining only for you to attach the appendices.

This report includes:

1. Project's Current Status

2. Project's Timeline Update

3. Project's Delay Events

4. Project's Delay Analysis

5. Project's Delay Settlement.


The report’s manual is included with this report so you will be learnt how to update this report step by step.


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