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Risk Report - (4+) Pages Excel

Risk Report - (4+) Pages Excel


The Issue about risk is that no one like to work on it for many reasons. Some project control professional think that risk analysis is useless, others do not like to work on it thinking that risk register is all about narrate project problems and it does not include an Engineering analysis, while other few professionals have no idea about how to update a risk register.

This 4-pages special Risk report will solve all the above-mentioned issues. Even if you have Zero information about risk, this template will help you present perfect and professional risk register to your project.

1. Risk Breakdown Structure ‐ RBS

2. Risk Score Matrix

3. Risk / Opportunity Response

4. Project’s Risks Evaluation & Risk Register


The report’s manual is included with this report so you will be learnt how to update this report step by step.

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