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Contact us, We Will Take Care of Your Project's Schedule, Risks and Reports

We Provide Planning & Reporting Services to simple and complex projects and everything in between. 
We use Primavera, Excel, Power-Bi and other popular software to provide our service at your convenient fashion, and deliver it professionally.

We Are Going To Help You …
In Many Ways

We Develop and update all kinds of construction schedule including Design programme, Master Schedule, Level 2 & Level 3 programme, Detailed schedule. All Schedules will be uploaded with progress units supported by progress curves and progress charts.


Hire Us For Your Project's Control Works

whether you work in a small or big project, we can help you getting through all the project control process and steps. Contact us now and get quotes

Planning &

  • Master Schedules

  • Detailed schedules

  • Design schedule

  • Construction schedule

  • look ahead plans

  • Resource loading

  • Cost loading

  • Progress units

  • Schedule updates 


  • Monthly report

  • Weekly report

  • Bi-weekly reports

  • Focus reports

  • Performance reports

  • Commercial reports

  • Risk register

  • Quality report

  • Presentations 


  • Time & Delays

  • Performance trends

  • S-curve

  • Cash-flow

  • SPI line/Numbers

  • Progress  bar-charts

  • Resource histogram

  • Plan vs Actual lines

  • Earned value figures


  • Project management plan PMP

  • Project execution plan PEP

  • Schedule narratives

  • Risk management Plan PRP

  • Stakeholder management plan

  • Documents control logs 

  • Site reports

  • Pictorial reports

  • Risk logs & Issue log

Let us take care of your regular reports including  weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports. We generate custom reports that are dedicated to your project and they can be regularly updated easily. We use Excel, PowerPoint & Power-Bi to generate our report.

We will keep in touch with you to amend your comments and adjust your reports accordingly.

Contact Us To Get 

Contact us, Provide us details about the services that you need. We will Reply to your message within 48 hours from the time you time you submit your request. We will process your request and We are going to start the work once we receive your project's information.

You do not have to commit with us with a long or short term contract, and we will provide our support at your convenient time.

Chartenia, LLC
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Address: 30 N Gould St, STE 4000 ,Sheridan, WY 82801, USA

Phone: +1 845 704 7501

Email :

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